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    Having heard yesterday that there were 5 Lapland buntings on North Hill (only the 3rd record for Worcestershire), I went up late this morning. There was a single one amongst the meadow pipits at 12.45pm. A lovely sighting. I understand they are from the Greenland/Canadian population and that there has been a significant influx this year, beginning on the Western Isles about 3 weeks ago. A real privilege to see one.  Margaret Vernon
    Yesterday at 13.00 15th September saw my second Humming Bird Hawk moth of the year. First one seen on 5th August. Both times on Phlox in garden Coombe Green.
    None seen last year.  Rosemary Eustace
    Turtle Dove seen and heard in hedgerow at the back of Norton fishing pool at the end of the track at Evesham C.P. Seen 16/07, 29/08 and 6/09. Also snipe, RL partridge and mixed finches.  Peter Humby
    I have at last seen a painted lady butterfly in the Knapp reserve on my last two transect walks. After that large influx of them it seemed none might turn up this year here. To my surprise I also had recently a number of sightings of brown argus, so I am wondering if they are in the reserve but in small numbers like the dingy skipper and go unoticed.On another note we are pleased to announce we have some new lodgers. On the 4th Aug I spotted some droppings on our newly positioned dustbin, which were bat droppings as when you crumbled them they turned into a snuff equivalent. On 28th Aug they were still there but three came out at 8 15pm, one up on the first date. It could be a small harem, as this happens as autumn approaches.  Garth Lowe


    Hello, Would anyone know of some young (18 - 30) environmentalist who would like to join a 2 week environmental conservation project in Hungary or a 9 week project in Sicily this October (all expenses paid - flights, accommodation, food, pocket money, medical insurance)? We have EU funding for this and I am loathe to give the money back to Brussels when these opportunities could benefit UK young people! If you know anyone who would be interested please put them in touch with EIL Cultural Learning in Malvern ( 01684 562577). Many thanks, Lorraine   Lorraine Lockyer               


    Red Kite seen (definite) on 26th July. Quartering the south slope of the w beacon at 9.20 am and then flying off south over the top of the beacon and disappearing in the mist. It is over 10 years since I have seen one on the hills though have seen several times and increasingly 20 miles west into Herefordshire – maybe they will become a common sight. Ian Wells


    Hi my first posting on the forum. I saw what I thought was a red kite circling over the north Malvern area at lunch time today. Didn't have time to get a photo before it had flown out of view. Has anyone else seen a red kite over Malvern recently? or are there any falconry displays on nearby that it might have strayed from?  Carl Anthony


    Interestingly, I had a scarlet tiger moth sunning itself on the path in my garden (a first for me) on the 8th June, and then someone who lives half a mile away said they had one on the 29th June.  There has been a significant reduction in the number of butterflies in the garden this year, but I hear that is what many people are finding - are you?  Margaret Vernon


    We have had 4 swifts for a while (first sighting May 16th) but yesterday evening (on cue with Springwatch comments!) there were several more. No house martins though - last year there were only a few, whereas previous years there were many.  Margaret Vernon


    I saw the first swifts flying in Upper Welland yesterday (Sunday). I was away most of last week, so maybe they were around earlier, but I didn't see or hear any on Saturday.
    Also for your interest, I hear that Eades Meadow is looking wonderful at the moment, so if you are interested in flowers, a visit will be worth your while.  Margaret Vernon


    Spring is with us at last! Dog's mercury, primroses, violets, wood anemones, speedwell, wild daffodils, white and red deadnettles are well into bloom, and the first cowslips and ramson (wild garlic) flowers are starting to appear. Any bluebells yet? Skylarks are singing, chiffchaffs are being heard in many of our woodlands, and willow warblers and the first swallows and sandmartins have been reported in our area. The dawn chorus is in full swing, nests are being built and nesting is underway. Willows are coming into leaf, the hedgerows are beginning to show green and blackthorn blossom is out. What a lovely time of year!  Carol Bradley


    Never seen a water rail before so last week I drove to Upton Warren by Wychbold (WWT reserve) and had a great view of one coming and going in front of the Bittern hide.There is a bird feeder there and it seems to hang around all day. Simon Evans


    Each year I have 1 snowdrop that flowers a couple of weeks earlier than any other, and after the snow cleared on Saturday morning, I saw the plant with its tightly closed white bud showing clearly. We never know what is going on under the blanket of snow!  Margaret Vernon


    Several redwings and fieldfares in the neighbourhood (blackmore rd) they are losing their shyness as they get hungry..I am convinced our regular local birds do a mini migration down to the Link when the snow and ice come..only blackbird pigeon robin and dunnock on the bird table.  Simon Evans


    Winter bat. While looking out of our bathroom window tonight around 8 pm I spotted small bat flying around in typical feeding flight! Confirmed by wife to prove I was not seeing things. A bat feeds here regularly in the spring, possibly the same one knowing how species remember best feeding places. Temp. well below freezing!  Garth Lowe


    Woodpeckers drumming. Never easy to tell. I have heard light short drumming and checked it out for lesser but was always great spot. Never heard and seen the green drumming. You really need to see the bird. I have even heard a great spot drumming today!  Garth Lowe


    Here in Upper Welland I continue to have lots of blackbirds, chaffinches, starlings, blue tits and great tits, several sparrows and goldfinches as well as long-tail tits at times, a pied wagtail, greater spotted woodpecker, coal tit, willow/marsh tit and sparrowhawk, 2 blackcaps, 2 dunnocks, the occasional redpoll. A song thrush and redwing have visited regularly these past few days and last week I had a fieldfare! The redwing and fieldfare are firsts for me. I too have had some years when I have had lots of redpolls and siskins, but not this winter. Am being eaten out of house and home! The blackbirds and chaffinches are waiting for me in the morning when I go out to throw seed on the ground for
    them. What beautiful scenery - certainly if you don't HAVE to go out. Keep warm! So sorry not to be able to have our Jan meeting.  Margaret Vernon


    A lovely bullfinch at Whiteleaved Oak was the highlight of a New Year's Day walk on the lanes around Eastnor.   Simon Evans